Increase hispanic/global users awareness/conversion thru canvas activity

This proposal was discussed within our spanish speaker members (ambassadors and translators) in order to extend Badger protocol awareness and conversion (overall but mainly hispanic community adoption)

Language may be a barrier sometimes and even translating comms, it is hard to have live activities and feel in same page. Inclusion is key to improve sense of belonging and spread out the voice faster thanks to feel as part of a community. Drawings and art based activities are a good way to express without language barriers. And if it is a collaborative drawing, much better! Community working and getting fun together for the protocol may be a great idea.

The proposal:

  1. Launch a canvas activity, inviting people to join and create a BADGER canva for the community.

    • provides the webpage-canvas (size in pixels to be defined)
    • Users connect their wallets to the page and start adding pixels (selecting colors) to draw. Each pixel saves wallet address.
    • Badger community may define a Topic, motto or idea to work with as inspiration for the activity.
    • Canvas is developed during a time frame, meanwhile the web is counting amount of pixels added per wallet.
    • At the end, the canvas can be converted to NFT and also provides a scoreboard to know leading scores (rank of total amount of pixels added per wallet).
  2. We can generate a # of copies of the NFT and then give them as gift to top scorers.

  3. In parallel, all participants can get a POAP with special design (secret word to be obtained thru Badger discord so that they get involved with Discord). POAP design should be linked with the activity topic and include link or mention to Badger spanish community to increase awareness.

Badger is universal, communicating its ethos with no language barriers!


I second this, this would heavily increase user engagement and exposure!

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This is a super cool idea. If you can kick this off yourself the next 3 weeks, you should write it up and conntribute the results, or current creation if it’s still underway and submit it to the art bounty Hack-a-thon. It doesn’t seem like you need a lot of support from Badger to actually paint the canvas, and the story of a community created art peace that involves universal access, community and no barieers born out of a hack-a-thon adds even more cool context to the NFTS.

  • you can make a little money.
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GEnial es tremenda idea para compartir entre la comunidad