Inaugural Job Board

Hey aspiring Badger Builders!

Here’s the moment many of you have been waiting for! I’ve posted below the very First Edition of the Job/Bounty Board. Due to the number of open roles and urgency in accomplishing these tasks, I’ve consolidated them all into this thread. For future roles, please expect much greater detail with dedicated threads for each role.

If you believe you’ve got the technical or community know-how and experience to make you the next Badger Builder, please DM the “Owner” of that role on Discord with 1) which role you’d like to take on, 2) why you’re the right Badger for it (background, experience, expertise), and 3) a brief overview of wat you envision as the goals and tactical next steps for your role. If you are uncertain of what the role entails based on the description or do not have an actionable plan, please form your game-plan before expressing interest for the role to an Owner. Ask questions below in the forum, and we’ll be happy to clarify any questions.

Category Task Summary Urgency/Need Timeframe Pay Structure Draft Compensation Owner(s)
Community Airdrop Issue Reconciliation Conduct reconciliation of airdrop v1 High Ad hoc Bounty 1000 badger / team (or individiual) DeFi Frog
Community Grants Curator Establish and maintain grant program that will fund individiuals and teams for areas including ecosytem, community, proposals High Ongoing Grant 300 badger / month DeFi Frog
Community Badger Support Fields issues to devs, maintains FAQ, addresses incoming suppport requests (currently a google form) Medium Ongoing Grant 200 badger / month DeFi Frog
Development Front-end Developer. Developing UI for DIGG Immediate task to build dashboard for DIGG which should include displays such as current price, target price, next rebase, market cap, circulating supply, total supply, locked (in setts) supply, etc High Completion Next 7 days Bounty 500 badger / individiual Jonto
Development Front-end Developer Develop Badger App v2 UI/UX focused High Completion Next 7 days Grant 1000 badger/month dappwhisperer
Development Smart Contract Developer Scope TBD - Speak with dapp High Ongoing Grant 1000 badger/month dappwhisperer

I would like to apply for the Badger support position or grant curator if duties are explained more in detail. Thanks!! I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently, as well


heya so it would seem as though dapp-whisperer doesn’t accept dm’s from people that aren’t on his friends list… (or i got the wrong guy… i’ll just wrote you instead, @DeFiFrog, hope that’s not an issue)


also working on something for HODL, about NFTs. Promising stuff!!

Can you shed more light on what is expected of the Grants curator role?

Like the Grants Curator role. But don’t you think a small team would be better for that ?

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I would love to take the role of Community Support, I’ve been in the group before launch and understand the Badger DAO. Plus, I have been a part of Basis Cash Community as an admin (Support).

Twitter -


yep, I’m also interested, waiting more details

Interested in the grants program coordinator.

Worked at ConsenSys/ConsenSys Labs for Grant-based hackathons. Also worked with Polkadot for the Web3 grants program. Crypto native with 4 years experience.
Happy to be more formal with CV, etc. - just wanted to post publicly first.

Let me know!


just a little reminder: don’t forget to build a great community along with coding cool tech stuffs.

Good to see so many people are coming together to buidl this community. Always open to help out if needed. :innocent: :ok_hand:

I interested in the Badger support position or grant curator, what are the requirements?

would love to help community and spread the voice in spanish! if thinking in spanish speaker community, please consider me as support.

I apologize for my poor English
Hope you help BADGER thrive
BADGER :heart::heart::heart:

Will be happy to build a dashboard as I built for

DMs me in Discord belbix#8685


I see you have some front-end development? Do you have the Designs for that ready?

I do kinda need a paying job rn but I can’t promise much in the way of normal functioning or a regular schedule but I like your project and I am down to help if I can. If you need some esoteric help perhaps you could pay someone else here who is reliable and I can just kinda idk, help em out. Whatever, up to you guys. I’ll still be trying to bring eyes in for you regardless.

Hi! I am interested in helping as a grants curator. I have experience submitting grants and I am currently a recipient of a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to produce content in spanish (this grant is wrapping up).

I’ve also helped organizations allocate $100K+ based on pre-requisites, team presentations, and deliberation among committee members.

To demonstrate my commitment and contribution to the community I’ve already made a few videos in spanish and tutorials (the day it came out) on how to claim badger, and then on how to stake badger.

I speak fluent English and Spanish.

Kind regards,
@Mcfly.eth -

I like the idea of appointing someone with experience as the lead and viewing the associated compensation as a budget, which would be used to build a team on the basis of the lead’s discretion.


Yes a small team would probably be best.

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