I can no longer locate my Badgers

Hi there, I just logged in (like I do every month or so) to check my Badgers balance on app.badger.com but it seems like the interface has changed and my balance is at $0. Can anyone please help me as I am not sure what’s going on? Many thanks for your help.


This is because you most likely have your assets staked. Staked assets no longer show up in the new UI (and can’t be withdrawn since you have your bBadger in the Geyser and not in your wallet) and have to be unstaked first trough https://legacy.badger.finance/. After you unstake trough there (you have to go the vault you are deposited, click on it, click “Deposit” to turn the Withdrawal UI and then go to “Unstake”) - you will be able to see them and withdraw from the main app if you wanted to without issues.

Thanks for your reply @blackbear - even on https://legacy.badger.finance/ and when connecting my metamask, it says staked amounts are at zero (see screenshot attached). Am I looking at the wrong link?

Thanks again!