How do i stake badger?

Hi guys, iam a bit confused about the app and how staking works. I bought some badger on and sent it to my eth adress. Now i opened and used the deposit. I followed the links and i can even see a transaction coming out from my adress on etherscan, but nothing changed in the app and all the badger still seems in the wallet. What did i do wrong?

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ask in support channel in the discord

That is the 1st tx you will need to do 4 tx (2approvals,1 deposit and 1 stake)
Not entirely sure about the new app as I’ve not tried it yet the way I see it it is just 2 tx.

Summary: if 2 tx only you’ll need to do 1 more tx to stake your badger.

where can i find it?

What does it mean to do 1more tx? should start that deposit process again?
I tried it right now, but my trezor shows me that the gas fee can be up to 0.019eth which is ridiculous.
If i need to pay 2x 20-25$ for gas fee just to stake the badger coins then iam out of this

Yes that is correct as gas is ridiculously high right now since etherium is at it’s ath. I staked my badgers too regardless of the gas fee the rewards are promising for staking badgers. But it is up to you.

If you are staking a small amount then it may not be worth it because of the gas fees. I try to wait to stake until I have a decent amount and gas fees are low. Usually Thursdays work good for me. I also factor in how much I think the price of badger will appreciate over time. So the gas cost will be more than offset by future price gains (hopefully).

I’ve checked and gas fees are as low as $4 as of writing.