How do I know if I am staking?


I am new to Badger and I just deposited my Badger tokens and staked, but I don’t know if I did it correctly cuz I can still select the amount under the Stake option.

After I deposited, I don’t have Badger in my wallet but bBadger. After I staked, there was nothing happened to my wallet and the Badger profile (my transaction succeeded).

Can anyone help me see if I am staking? thanks so much!

No, you are not staking. You have only deposited. After you stake, that will move under “Your Staked Amounts”. And you will not be able to select the amount under the “Stake” option, it would be 0.

Since bBadger is an ERC 20 token, all of those tokens cannot be moved unless you approve. This requires two transactions in total, the first one to approve, the second to stake. Probably the transaction that was successful was the “approve”. You still need to do the actual stake.

I would suggest that for support you use Discord. The support staff is over there, here you won’t find much, but since I saw your post I am happy to help.