Help with tokens not showing!

Pretty much the title…! Performed hard refresh and nothing.

which wallet are you using to connect with?

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I am using Trust Wallet.

I think they have been having an issue with trust wallet connecting. Ask in support channel in discord. I believe they are working on a fix.

I am having a similar issue. I am using Coinbase Wallet and my staked Badger now has a zero balance. My Digg is also zero. I can see the balances in Zapper, but nothing has changed in Badger App after a couple of hard reset to my connections.

It’s a known issue, devs are working on it.

i have the same question.

When I go on the page connect with the MetaMask wallet I’m keep getting " Loading Badger Setts…" on screen and no info about my account value.!

Loading Badger Setts