Help my staked digg and badger are gone

My staked Badger and Digg were there last night connected via meta mask and now they are gone. I am so new and dont know what to do .

i found them on sett vision but can’t see them in the portfolio view on badgerdao. sorry!

same, gone but visible in zapper

Same issue hopefully someone can address this

Same here - can still see on Zerion but the balance says zero! Pls help!

Hello everyone, unfortunately I´ve got the same problem. Just deposited some badger tokens with success and then they were gone! Please help!

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Same issue, must be a systems thing…hopefully it’s resolved soon…cheers !

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Same here, no badger or digg staked. freaking me out.

Just an UI error. Already fixed. You can always check in, or Don’t worry when this happens and I recommend you better go to the support channel in Discord because unfortunately there is not support in the forums (even when there is a category for that).