[Help] Deposit WBTC/Badger is taking too long time

Hello guys. I am trying to deposit into the WBTC/Badger pool yesterday. However, it has been more than 11 hours but the txn is still pending. Is it normal or if there is anything I can do on my side other than waiting? Thank you.

[Update] I reboot the Brave. Now it shows “Approve failed” in Brave’s crypto wallet however I can still see the txn is pending on Etherscan. Is there any way to cancel this pending txn? Any help will be appreciated.

Look up how to cancel pending txn’s. Most likely the gas was not set high enough. I am not familiar with Brave’s wallet but I would recommend using metamask where you can easily, speed up, cancel or manually set your gas. Also if you’re still having trouble ask in the discord support channel. There is always a friendly expert available to help.

My second transaction for the badger stake, it took more than 2 days to sign. Do not worry, if you are patient you will end up signing.

Thank you both. I have canceled this txn and then send the txn with a higher gas.