Have 'staked' twice, not sure if it has gone through

Even though my wallet balance shows a deposit and I’ve staked twice, it still is allowing me to ‘stake’ as an option when I click on it and then press 100%. However, it also shows that I have one extra BADGER token than I deposited which indicates that I am staking. Can someone please confirm this for me? Here’s a screenshot.

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Wanted to bump this to the BADGER team.

I checked to see if I staked correctly and it appears to have confirmed on my address. However, when I click on my wallet balance, it shows that I have a balance available to stake; which is confusing me a bit.

Can someone please tell me if I staked correctly? I provided screenshot below of the tx.

Is there another step I have to do after this?

@Narile go here in order to see your staked Badger : https://sett.vision/profile

Thank you so much, @Madz
Confirmed, my stake is functioning :wink:

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@Madz Do you know how often the rewards pay out, on what frequency?

@Narile it`s 127.16% yearly so devided that to daily, rewards are distributed daily

@Madz I undersand. Reason I’m asking is because my profile has not updated my earned tokens in two days. Is that an indication that something is wrong?

click stake and check if coins show available, or press withdraw and if coins there means you havent staked if coins under un stake then you have staked.

im having the same issue here