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Please read the FAQ before creating a thread asking for help.


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  • General

1. What is BadgerDAO? - Badger is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a
single purpose: build the products and infrastructure necessary in bringing Bitcoin to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). See:

2. Where can I learn more about BadgerDAO? - Please see our Medium page for all of the published articles

3. What is the liquidity mining event? - The liquidity mining event includes the push to launch our Sett and Digg products which will involve multiple tokens for liquidity including $BADGER, $DIGG, and $wBTC, $renBTC, $sBTC via Curve. Please see the article:

4. How can I help? - First, familiarize yourself with BadgerDAO and read up on all of our articles on Medium. Then, please jump into the discussions we have on the Discord! We’d love to have you and work with your unique strengths and skills. In these early stages, we have incentives for early contributors as well

5. Is $DIGG tokens live yet? - No! Please be wary of scams - we have not launched this token yet!

6. What organizations are you working with? - Many DeFi protocols that share our mission of expanding the use of BTC on Ethereum. Please check and our Twitter for updates on our partners!

7. Will there be any pre-sale? - No! Like YFI, there is no ICO/IEO. BadgerDAO tokens will be launched fairly thru a series of liquidity mining events including airdrops.

8. Who will be eligible for the airdrops? - see #airdrop-list in the Discord or check out this article

  • Airdrop

9. I have taken action/s in the past that I believe should be eligible for the $BADGER airdrop. Why didn’t I receive tokens?

First, please confirm that you’ve connected the correct wallet and checked the Hunt tab on the website. Otherwise, for any missed addresses, we are working to reconcile any errors and extend the rewards claiming period for the airdrop. See #support-requests channel for additional information.

10. How much time is left for me to claim my tokens?

The Honey Badger Hunt began December 3rd. It had a 48 hour grace period that was extended to the 7th of December. Starting December 8th, each wallet with unclaimed $Badger will get 20% of their tokens deducted and put in the community pool.

  • Setts

11. Is there a withdrawal fee?

Yes, there is a 0.5% withdrawal fee. However, the longer you stake, the higher a reward multiplier you’ll get. It goes up to 3x over 8 weeks.

12. Just staked on Stake tab. Why don’t I see rewards?

The earnings are updated every 2 hours.

13. Why doesn’t my position seem to correlate accurately with the APY?

If you hover over the APY on our website, it provides a breakdown of APYs between the 1) underlying principal (which continues to compound growth) and 2) the rewards paid out in Badger. Many of the pools include automatic compounding in the strategy. Please see #sett product for additional details and illustrations of the strategies

14. I’m struggling to connect with my wallet. What can I do?

We are continuously pushing out updates to make improvements to the UI. An update for wallet connectivity is live, please try refreshing the page, or using a different browser.

15. Does 1 Badger = 1 bBadger?

bBadger is a representation of your ownership in the liquidity pool/strategy for farming Badger and the auto-compounding of the principal. It will grow over time as your rewards are compounded. $bBadger is not a 1:1 representation of $Badge

16. Why is it displaying a different number from what I deposited?

The value displayed indicates your position as it relates to the entire pool. It is a representation of your % of that Sett. We will be updated the UI to include an explanation/indicator to improve the UX.

  • Digg

17. What is $DIGG?

Digg is a synthetic ERC-20 Bitcoin. It’s an elastic supply cryptocurrency that’s pegged to the price of Bitcoin. Everyday (exact frequency TBD), the supply will rebase across all wallets based on the USD value between $DIGG vs $BTC. If Digg’s price is higher than Bitcoin’s price, your wallet balance increases. If it’s lower, then your balance decreases, making Digg a non-dilutive token. If you own 1% of the overall network, you will always own 1% unless you purposefully make a trade or transfer.

18. When does $DIGG come out?

Digg is expected to launch shortly after the Honey Badger Hunt Airdrop.

19. How can I get $DIGG?

Digg will be available to those mining $Badger in the Badger Setts and Staking tabs.

20. Will we have to re-stake our deposits in Setts to start earning Digg tokens?

Nope. When Digg becomes mineable, it will be earned by Sett stakers without having to re-stake their funds.

  • Governance

21. Where can I propose something?

Discuss your thoughts in the #governance channel first. Soon, we will launch a formal forum for discussion where we can create post proposals and vote.

22. Where can we vote?

We have an Aragon DAO that we are setting up where you can vote on our proposals. For now, you can vote via Snapshot for off-chain governance.

23. What’s the best way to get involved in governance?

Currently, the best way is to get involved in the discussions in #governance. Once the forum is launched, detailed discussions will take place there. Decisions are made by none other than the Badger community.

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