Earn BTC (DIGG) by depositing stable coins #stackingsetts

As a user of Badger,
I’d like to deposit DAI or other stable coins,
and I’d like to receive my yield in a form of a wrapped BTC (or DIGG when released)

The strategy would be the stable coins would go to curve and the yielded CRV would be swapped for a preferred wrapped BTC.

#stackingsetts :wink:

Any developers like to help take this forward?


Great Idea, DAI or ETH also good .


I like the idea just because i think #stackingsetts will be trending on CT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It doesn’t make sense to me why we would buy anything but our own coins, DIGG or Badger to give to people. Digg will be btc linked and will be emitted.

People can always sell their badger/digg emissions and buy bitcoin, but if our smart contracts are going to buy coins on the market, it makes way more sense to buy our own coins and create upside buying pressure.

In terms of farming stablecoins/eth. There are soooo many projects already doing that. As a bitcoin focused project, is there any reason why we shouldn’t just let others like yearn or harvest do this?

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:thinking: I’m not sure you really got the spirit and the goal of this protocol …

My suggestion was to yield in BTC or DIGG, that’s one of ours … so it ticks the box of creating demand pressure for DIGG.

Can you let me know where I can deposit stable coins and generate yield in BTC?

Let me know and I’ll try to do better next time

The intention of the DAO is to encourage use cases for tokenized bitcoin rather than stablecoins. I think it’s in our best interest to attract those that want to deposit Bitcoin.


You have your answer:

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Ok, so I have it backwards - what we want is to deposit BTC and have our yield in DAI/Stablecoin

Waste of a good meme though :smiley:

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we are all just trying our best man. no need to feel bad nor for anyone to put you down. press out another strategy? I think part of what has made badger sucessful and gathered 100m TVL is because people finally have a place to get yield on their btc. I think we should keep blazing down this path and keep the edge we have in this niche.


Even if a stable coin is introduced, the LP token of the WBTC/STABLE trading pair should be used. This will help increase the depth of BTC, and it can be regarded as a contribution to BTC.

Thanks for your kind words … It’s important to discuss these things as that’s how we learn and move forward.

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I started to participate in BADGER DAO since the first day that everything was broken, deposited all my airdrop and even purchased more BADGER and staked in BADGER-wBTC and is because of the vision of the project, in my personal opinion we should keep the focus in tokenized bitcoin only, because is the main reason why the project was created in first place, and there always will be opportunities for stablecoins but that is for another projects, the power and what makes great this one is BTC in DeFi.


I find that a good selling point of the Badger DAO was the Badger / wBTC LP, and that is what motivate me to bring my own BTC to the project, I would never do that if it was Badger / DAI LP. But as the main goal of the project is to Bring BTC to DeFi on Ethereum, shouldn’t we have a pair wBTC / wETH LP or even Badger / wETH?