DIP 1: Pause Negative Rebasing of DIGG

Here the final result of the Badger holders votes https://snapshot.org/#/badgerdao.eth/proposal/0x6c39fe0cd94f6b2506ae33c9d6307fa17de5012626aabbb283ba6103180be03c The pausing of DIGG negative rebasing has been granted by majority 2:1 Badger and first DIGG holders https://snapshot.org/#/digg2.eth/proposal/QmUQqKnrcQ4wCWiYriARs3qiCxdRaGCERWhsAUP3T2x8RX

Big Question now is when?
Would be great for DIGG …

The changes were made last night, starting today we should negative rebase no more. Hasn’t been tested yet, so don’t take it as 100% sure until we should neg rebase and don’t, but this as good as done.

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