$DIGG on Polkadot

I like what you guys are doing with BadgerDAO! I’ve received an airdrop and have been staking my $badger since day one. Thank you for that! I believe that the future of this whole crypto movement is multi chain. It would be interesting to see you cooperating with Acala Network (DeFi specific layer 1 blockchain network on Polkadot). Recently Acala has announced partnership with Ren Protocol, so renBTC will be available on Acala right off the bet. Ampleforth will likely launch on Acala in Q1, making it the first multichain independent money to serve the wider cross-chain crypto and DeFi community. So I would like to see BadgerDAO’s team moving in that direction. Acala is EVM compatible, and can fully customize the logic of its chain because of the Parachain Architecture and the flexibility of the Substrate Framework. It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities like charging the transaction fees in multiple types of tokens. BadgerDAO users could easily use $badger or $digg or renBTC to pay for the network fees instead of using ETH, which brings UX to another level…$badger and $digg could also be used as a collateral for Acala’s cross-chain capable stable coin. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.



Great stuff that sounds very interesting :+1:

Let’s get on it !!!


No this is not a good idea. This is shilling an unproven chain (polkadot). Its cost major time/effort and talented people to secure funds on ethereum let alone do this on another (para)chain. Its fine like this as we move toward to L2 and eth2.0.


I’m not shilling, it’s a suggestion. ETH 2.0 is few years away.

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Another option, try to use the Cardano Chain when it’s possible to port all contracts to their ecosystem

Yes sure
I DIGG it !!!
Let’s do it !!!

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I agree with you! Polkadot is ahead of Eth.