Digg balance: what does "e-5" mean?

In my Badger app Sett Vaults it says “0.96150e-5 Digg available to claim” I’m assuming that this is not .96150 Digg because I have only staked a small amount of Badger. What does the “e-5” mean?

Also, are there any downsides for waiting until my Sett vaults staking rewards get higher to claim? (trying to not waste ETH gas)

Thanks so much! I’m happy to be here

Hey chief. Dont worry if it confused you. The “e” denotes “to the power of” the “-” means minus and the number is by how much.

So 0.96150e-5 is some algebra that means 0.96150 to the power of minus 5 zeroes. So 0.0000096150 .

1e-5 = 0.00005

I hope that helps.