DIGG airdrop and fees

Hi guys
I just realized I got my DIGG airdrop and wanted to claim it to stake it.
It’s not a bit amount (0.01) but as the same with my Badger I like to stake them to support the community instead of selling it for profit.
Why do I get asked more than 1 ETH in fees to claim my DIGG airdrop? is it normal?

I mean even if the gwei would drop to 40 I’d have to pay half ETH.
Metamask set gas limit to 11880768.

Thanks for your help

The claim for the original Digg airdrop has expired, don’t try to claim.

The team is aware that the claim function is still open and will resolve that.

Thanks for the answer.
As I saw some proposal of extending the airdrop period and the claim button was on I thought was still available.

Now it’s clear, I won’t claim it, unfortunately

but like claiming because of rewards is still on right? i.e after depositing into digg.

Of course. I’m pretty sure OP was referring to the airdrop page on the app

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