Deposits $ different than Value $


I am relatively new to Badger and the platform itself. I went to look to stake $Badger for $Badger within the platform. I had sent 442 badger into the sett of which I only see 368 deposited. Is there something I’m missing?

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bBadger is not 1:1 ration with badger, it is based on percentage of your badger holdings so that is fine. When you unstake you get 442 Badger back.

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Thats awesome thank you so much for the response. It also says I can still stake the remaining badger I have. Does the fact that I have deposited the badger not mean that I have staked it?

Yes you deposit in Setts and then Stake the bBadger.

With the new UI, just noticed my token balance dropped from a couple of days ago. It appears that I’m missing abut 60 Badger tokens. I am staking in the Badger Sett vault. Deposited about 361 tokens and current balance is about 305 tokens. Do I really have bBadger if staking and will receive back all the tokens when unstaked? Shouldn’t the wallet track my total Badger tokens also?

one of my staking transactions is:

The same thing happened to me at first. Honestly just refresh it a couple times or try again later and the total amount will appear. Seems to be a UI problem that I hope is fixed soon.

Exact same thing happens for me. I hit refresh and the proper amount usually appears.

thanks for sharing. My wallet is back to what it should be today (of course, it’s growing every day also)!