Deposited Pair not showing up on Pancakeswap

Hello, I have a question about a deposit I made to the bdigg/btcb pair. I am using Metamask and the BSC network and also Pancakeswap. I made a deposit through pancakeswap to the bdigg/btcb pair a few days ago on Badger but the pair does not show up on Pancakeswap. Today I made another deposit to the bdigg/btcb pair on Badger through pancakewap and the new pair showed up on both Badger and Pancakeswap but the first deposit I made still doesn’t show up on Pancakeswap though it still shows up on Badger in a separate portfolio. I also can not withdraw the base pair from my first deposit.

My advice since I’m not too knowledgeable about such things is to ask your question in discord in the support channel since support doesn’t really monitor the forums much.

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