Curve pbtc strategy

Curve pbtc strategy that rewards the LP with PNT and CRV tokens


  1. Deposit pbtc (obtainable via their dapp, similar to how ren would work) or sbtc (renbtc, wbtc) into their LP to receive PNT and CRV rewards.

  2. Get PNT to run node(s) and receive any peg-in and peg-out fee. The fee system is going to be introduced, at the moment it’s free to peg-in and out.

  3. Only fees PNT from running the nodes and CRV are sold as vault strategy (50% vault, 50% badger), while PNT accrued from this is used to create or run nodes.

  4. Should result in consistent inflow with the node that is separate from CRV’s rewards