Cross Protocol Initiatives

As Badger Dao continues to create new products and push for more BTC utility, we should unite with as many like-minded decentralized organizations as possible to push cross protocol utility and the growth of defi. This post is to begin the discussion and brainstorm ways to both support other secure, defi protocols and unite communities.

A portion of the treasury and/or the Badger and Digg supply can go towards utilizing these protocols. I have attached a presentation from the FLASH dapp created by Blockzero labs. This suggestion makes sense to me because of their community run, airdrop model. They are pushing for wider defi adoption, just partnered with UMA, and are looking to incentinize early adopters. This could be a way to diversify our treasury by participating in a number of defi protocols. Woth Blockzero particularly, we would gain some awareness from a passionate community while taking advantage of enormous incentives to add Badger liquidity. Check out the presentation by Blockzero, but also drop ideas for other innovative products that could be a good fit.

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