Content Writing: For Badger Marketing, Promotion, Education & SEO

I would like to begin writing content for Badger DAO. I have extensive experience in this field with over 10 years copywriting experience. I’ve written on subjects ranging from law to regenerative medicine, so I’m versatile and only get better the more familiar I become acquainted with a project.

Rather than prop up my experience behind an anonymous cartoon face, I instead submit a sample of my work for consideration. I could see Badger benefitting from 2-4 content pieces at minimum of this nature monthly. It could serve multiple purposes, from building SEO authority over time, to educating users on new Badger Sett strategies and community initiatives.

Please consider this article a gift to be used as the community pleases. If it is deemed worthy, I would like to then open a discussion about the potential of a reasonable portion of the treasury being allocated to supporting further content creation, for myself and others who wish to participate this way. I have other marketing skills as well, but writing is one such space I am trying to express myself currently.

Badger Setts Bar High with Creative Approach to DeFi

Thank you for your consideration.

-DeFi Fry


Very well written. It’s summarizing every detail that happened the last couple weeks. Looking forward to read more from you.

Good job. :ok_hand: :wink:


Great work man, i’ll probably use it to introduce friends to the protocol. The only thing missing in my humble opinion is a word or two about the upcoming DIGG token which will be probably (fingers crossed) pretty impactful.


I completely agree. I was hoping to do a separate piece just on DIGG itself.

Appreciate the feedback.


Great work on the article. I was going to write a piece on Badger for my blog website. But, you have captured Badger’s early weeks greatly. Would it be OK for me to post this onto my blog page? I will reference yourself as the writer and happy to link your Twitter account to the blog.

Blog page:

Kind regards

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First of all, thank you for the kind words and desire to share my work.

The only concern I have is with duplicate content. It can hurt you from an SEO perspective to have duplicate content in too many places, at least as far as duplicating the entirety of the article.

My ultimate intention was to maybe get access to a substack, medium or other platform directly affiliated with Badger to post the main article.

From there, I would totally appreciate other bloggers like yourself perhaps including the first section, before “Badger’s Strategic Airdrop”, as a sample, with a link to the full article on the medium, substack or otherwise once posted. Let me know if that sounds agreeable. It will help with SEO and giving your blog and the dedicated one equal exposure.

I’m hoping to get the attention of someone affiliated with the project and maybe managing these written sections so we can get this edited if needed, and posted somewhere ASAP so it stays fresh and relevant.


You’re welcomed and happy to post just the first section, but I would wait for your link to the full article on medium or once posted.

I am excited to get this post out to my community about Badger’s approach to DeFi.


Is this thread only for you ? or is it for all members of the DAO to share their work and “centralise” what was done ?

I assumed a different thread for each proposal, but honestly I’m still awaiting more direction on how Badger will handle these matters. I did get in contact with a couple members of the team, so hopefully will get some direction soon on this for myself and other contributors!


Ok so maybe you should change the title of your post and clearly say that you are asking for a grant.

I think for this kind of things we should wait few weeks, wait for Digg to be release and things to calm down. In most DAO, people are involved, and later they may receive something to say thank you. Usually you don’t ask for something before doing it. Or maybe you want to officially join the team and in that case you can have a regular salary.

What could be nice IMO, is to have a page, where all contribution are centralised. SO then, when the day comes to reward active members it’s easy to know who did what. ( and i thought is was the point of this topic :rofl:)

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Well summerised information of Badger Dao.
Love your writing.

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DeFiFry you’ve done a great job here. Really well written, organized and informative. We need someone like you helping with content/education for the DAO.

I suggest we include on the job board a role for this with a 300 Badger monthly grant thats reevaluated every month.

What do you think?

You can collaborate with @Ingalandia who currently writes our newsletter and works with me on the blog.


Yea this is awesome. I think this could be pitched towards a couple of crypto news outlets, as it’s very in-depth, nonbiased and well written.

It would be great to work together. We need more content writers to flesh out our blog posts regarding future updates and announcements. Perhaps this would make sense as an ongoing role as opposed to a bounty-like program. Please DM me on telegram @Ingalandia and I can hit you up regarding future blog posts and explainers.


Thank you, @Spadaboom. I would love to be a part of the team.

I will contact you shortly, @Ingalandia.


I’ll chime in here, I’m a director of strategy at an SEO agency. Duplicate content like you describe really isn’t a concern anymore, as long as the piece is clearly published first on the platform you want to rank (whether that be medium, substack, w/e), and the secondary articles clearly link to the source as you describe. It’s pretty common across the web for news sites and blogs to parrot and republish one-another, Google no longer penalizes this kind of thing and is pretty good at figuring out what the original source is. And for anything mentioning a brand, Google generally prioritizes ranking that brand’s platforms over 3rd party blogs.

That said, this looks like a great piece overall. I don’t have much time for writing these days, but I’d be happy to help collaborate on keyword research and topic/campaign planning part of it if you want any help there. I have access to semrush, ahrefs and a few others if you need me to pull any keyword / linking data or dig into what’s working for some other DAOs.


Makes sense. Hopefully will have this up soon and appreciate the willingness to spread it around.

I just got my MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Columbia (what a fucking scam graduate school is man, waste of money) and have been unemployed since February, basically living off my DeFi activities. I’ve been rekt, I’ve been a made man, I’ve convinced my sweet mother to buy $ETHE in her somewhat sad 401k…I’ve been bad but I’m trying to be good. $badger rules and $digg is gonna f*ck shit up if the launch BIPs I’ve been reading are a sign of anything.

I want to write content. I worked as a branded content producer at some dumb fucking start up writing scripts for Dude Perfect trick shot videos sponsored by Ruffles, and my non-crypto Twitter account is followed by several notable e-girls who are hot and funny. I don’t want to Dr. Jill Biden this forum with lame credentials but I can write posts for $BadgerDAO on my own but would much rather get involved in curating a more organized and efficient content strategy with anyone here who is currently engaged in such shenanigans.

Imo the best thing $Badger has going for it at the moment is a well spring of community good will coming from the airdrop/fair launch and the gitcoin grants. But when I search the token name on Twitter what comes up is an “only badger” bot account and some lame people complaining about the $digg token name. Let’s change that!

If you need help, lmk. I am poor and need to work and make some income to feed my beautiful law student girlfriend until she takes the bar, plus I’m in a wheelchair and it’s hard to find a job when ur a cripple during a pandemic lmao.

Sure, airdrops rule but they don’t compare to good, honest labor!


Wow man I hope things can start turning for the better for you in the job market. -thanks for chiming in!

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i was wanting to do a few videos to go in detail into badger/defi for new commers. I need a clean wallet with a little cash in it to do the transactions. I was wondering if there was any way to get like 20 badger and .1 eth in order to make the video. My money is all invested. Happy to hand the private keys over to the community/other content creators to use for demos.

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What are you using to make the videos? Do you have video editing background? If so, can I please see your portfolio? The reason why I’m asking is I might be willing to pitch in for this :slight_smile: I believe that good marketing/PR can make or break a business - from experience. @Spadaboom Do we have funds for @VLK? If not, I can donate. I’d also like to get access to our instagram page. The person running it right now does not look like they have any marketing/business experience. Posts can be much more lively with hashtags to bring in new users, amongst other things. I’d love to be more involved in the marketing/PR of $BADGER. I believe this is how I can contribute to the community in making our vision into fruition. @Spadaboom I like to keep my privacy when it comes to the crypto world, but perhaps we can DM on discord. I will give you my personal details (linkedin page, instagram handle, etc) and can even do a video call after you sign a standard NDA as I would like to keep my personal details private and just maintain my alias as arkgenesis. I look forward to your response. Thank you,