Can't connect my wallet

I can’t connect my TRUST wallet using walletConnect. I’ve contacted TRUST wallet support, and this is their answer :

The Trust Wallet development team is always introducing new features to the app.

The latest version of WalletConnect is now integrated.

The issue you are having is due to the DApp using an older of version of WalletConnect.

Reach out to DApp owner and ask them to update it on their end.

Is there someone experiencing the same problem ?


Im having the same problem and only with WalletConnect and Trust wallet- all the other WalletConnect wallets work and the other bridges are working as well (Coinbase Wallet, etc.)
Were you able to find a solve? Thanks

Hi. I’m still unable to connect my wallet. We have exactly the same problem, since it involves WalletConnect and Trust wallet. When I use it in other Dapps, it works fine.

I tried erasing all the cookies which solved other issues, but didn’t work for me.

Same problem here, I can’t find any solution… I am trying to transfer my bvyWBTC from Trust Wallet to Metamask but I am stuck because of this connection issue. You confirm that I can’t transfer bvyWBTC directly from Trust Wallet to Metamask ? I need to withdraw those tokens from the vault before executing any transfer right? thanks