Cannot Withdraw Badger from Vault

I have 177 odd Badger staking in the Sett Vault. The total is correct and the vault balance is correct. When I select withdraw it displays 0 available. I have tried multiple times assuming it was a bug that would be fixed and it has stayed the same. I connect via metamask and everything is normal until I press the withdraw button . Please help me resolve this and I assume this could be a similar problem for others connecting via Metamask?

same for me. somebody can help?

hi, can you share some screenshots of your pbm please? amount of bBadger in metamask and the amount that appears on the Badger DAO for example. thanks

Same here I am connected with Coinbase wallet and I can’t withdraw and portfolio value doesn’t show and my setts doesn’t load

Hi Badger Support. I started this thread and since you have updated the app I cannot access my badger dao in the sett vault. The total badger and portfolio value is correct. However when I press withdraw it shows a 0 balance. Refer to the attached screen shot showing the portfolio value and the withdrawal error. The Sett Vault pages also shows that I can claim a very large amount of Digg and this is obviously an error. I have been blocked from withdrawing for over 1 month and it is time that the platform was updated / repaired?

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Has anyone had any success with unstaking and or withdrawing? I’m still unable to withdraw :frowning:

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 11.31.08 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 11.30.51 PM

@Tr00per Everytime I try to unstake from the legacy app it just says “Pending” indefinitely (fortunately it does not charge me the ETH for attempting the transaction…) Whenever I try to find the pending transaction on etherscan it says there is no transaction… Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello ya’ll. I’m having the same problem. Wanted to unstake and withdraw two weeks ago and wasn’t able to do it and requested to do it via Legacy which did not connect to my wallet.

Thing is today when I connect my wallet, my badger do not show up ?

This is the second time I having issues connecting or doing my transaction and what’s really frustrating is that it takes way to long to get a solution.

Can someone bring some light into these issues I am experiencing ? Am I doing something wrong or there is a problem with the interface ?

Thanks in advance for the support and help. Have a great day.

Same issue here!!
How do you resolve it?

Hi Charles. Haven’t been able to. I can tell you that you can try lo log to But in my case, I can’t connect my wallet to the legacy web page.

If I get a solution, I will post it.

The support team has told me to try to clearing the cache and also trying a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5), disconnecting and reconnecting and should solve the connecting issue to the legacy web page.

Hope it works for you.

This is because you have your assets staked. Staked assets no longer show up in the new UI (and can’t be withdrawn since you have your bTokens in the Geyser and not in your wallet) and have to be unstaked first trough After you unstake trough there (you have to go the vault you are deposited, click on it, click “Deposit” to turn the Withdrawal UI and then go to “Unstake” - you will be able to withdraw from the main app without issues.

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And @harolkoh07 in case you still need assistance if you can’t connect to Legacy it is possible to unstake manually trough Etherscan, feel free to come to the Discord if you need help with this.