Cannot unstake bbadger

I have badger staked from around 3 months ago, I see the UI has changed and you no longer have to deposit then ‘stake’

I see the bbadger in my portfolio, but it is not able to withdraw since it is ‘staked’ and this is no longer in the UI.

Please answer me here and do not ask me to go to discord, I have tried to join many times and it is giving me problems.


Having the same problem except its with my staked SLP tokens. This is my first time trying to unstake since the UI changed, I’m guessing this is a simple fix here, anybody have any advice?

Got the answer from Discord and I’ll post here. If you staked on the old site before they changed the UI and staking mechanism like me, you must unstake on the old site before you can widthdraw.

The legacy site can be found at: