Cannot deposit badger

Hey Guys,

I am unable to deposit my badger for staking yesterday and today. I have done this several times in the past with no issues - I am also Lping and have digg deposited as well and have used badger for several months.
I have closed my browser and deleted cache and browser history - which still did not help.
Am I missing something? or is there an issue I am not aware of?
When I click the deposit button for a badger deposit metamask does not show up, I was however able to claim rewards today on the badger site into my metamask.
Checked discord did not see any issues - however I did not have permission to leave a message and I am a newb when it comes to discord.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, try hard refreshing (CNTRL + F5), disconnecting/connecting and clearing cache, that usually solves most UI issues, if that doesn’t work feel free to come to #support in Discord or DM me at blackbear | BadgerDAO#4259.