Canceling Bridge Transaction

Hello! About a week ago now I initiated a transaction using Badger Bridge to convert some BTC to renBTC. When I went to transfer my BTC I realized that my BTC wallet won’t allow me to transfer the amount I specified. So I need to cancel the transaction, which is still showing “in progress” and “Waiting for deposit” when I open the bridge. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

I have had a similar (I think) experience, the transaction I started on 06 May (10 days ago) is still shown as in progress. But there is something dodgy about the error message I receive when clicking on the ‘deposit confirmed’ button (top right). however, that is my problem and not what you are asking about.

I was able to contact the Ren support team. They are very responsive and helpful.

Here is how I contacted them.
Step 1)
On the Badger bridge page (Badger DAO | Deposit & Earn on your Bitcoin), click on the ‘Deposit Received’ button (it might say ‘waiting for deposit’ or something like that if your transaction failed at an earlier step), top right corner of the page. See attached image.

I have to split this into multiple posts, as I’ve only just created an account on this forum. More to follow…

Step 2)
Then click on the cog to the right of the ‘Powered by RenVM’ text


Step 3)
Click on Report issue. (I was too scared to click on ‘Delete transfer’, as I do not know the consequences of doing so).

RenVM support sent me to a dev application they have where I could force through the wrapping of my BTC to renBTC. From their (as I understand it) you can send it onto any ETH address you like (your own wallet, some other sett, an CEX/DEX to convert into some other asset). Watch out for those high gas fees though…

Good luck and happy DLT-ing.

Thank-you so much! I really appreciate the time you took to help me out.


It worked–thanks again!

I had a similar issue but my transaction was completely gone in the badger dao UI. My bitcoin deposit was successful but I wasn’t given the prompt to sign the eth tx. The renproject support was super responsive. I was able to recover it by searching my btc tx hash on RenVM Explorer