byvWBTC Not Available

Hello. I recently used the Mint & Earn functionality to deposit some BTC into the byvWBTC sett. I was trying to do the same today, but noticed byvWBTC isn’t an available option on the Mint & Earn page anymore. Further, I do not have the option to release my byvWBTC from the Release tab. Is there some type of maintenance causing this issue?

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I’m having the same problem!

@johnfarese @theshaneman the contract is currently being upgraded. Apologies for the downtime. Please look out for an announcement on discord and Twitter when it’s back up and running!

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How do you transfer byvWBTC back to WBTC? I’ve got byvWBTC in my wallet and it’s not showing for staking in the badger app…

You can go to the sett vaults and toggle the deposit/withdraw button.

If you have any other questions, check out the #support channel in the discord for a quicker response