BTC vault deposits not getting boost

Hello! Just recently my BTC vault deposits seem not to be receiving any boost. Only the cvxCRV Helper and vault are receiving it. The amount of native assets is accurate, and my vault deposits are showing up accurately. It’s just that the “non-native assets” being used for my boost calculation do not include my BTC vaults. So my Boost ratio is super high, but the significant majority of my deposits are not benefiting from a boost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
P.S. Could it be that the pBTC and bBTC vaults are no longer eligible for a boost? I don’t see a % range on the Vaults page like I used to see and that appears with some of the other vaults.

Yes - these vault stopped having emissions so you stopped earning based on what your boost was and so that you don’t have a deposit that doesn’t earn Badger count towards non native it also stopped being counted towards the boost.