Bringing $BADGER to your closest grocery shop ...maybe

Dear $BADGER lovers and community,

Currently, we are all lucky enough to enjoy the juicy rewards that staking/liquifying/pooling our badger ecosystem tokens provide.

I could honestly stop working and live my life doing whatever the fuck I want to do if there was an easy and streamlined way to put my $BADGER + $DIGG to work in real life.

At the moment, gas fees/exchanges/tx fees put me off big time as I would be wasting a significant amount of moniez.

I understand the community may be focused on more crypto-exclusive applications for $BADGER but…

Guys, honestly, would not be fucking great to make our lives easier by facilitating $BADGER payments at the normie level of things and pay rent and utility bills with our tokens?

Stay safe out there you courageous badgers.

Disclaimer: I know that at the moment the technology is not there yet for a cheap way to manage gas (unstake/transact, etc.) but I am not a programmer and this shit evolves so quickly that we may be getting there soon enough.

Badger is not meant to be a store of value type of token nor is it defined as or aiming to be a currency.

I’m personally interested in how applications will soon allow the spend of stablecoins on real world goods.


Samewise, I am interested in that you mention

As per what is Badger meant to be, I think that long-term it would be good (perhaps even necessary) to diversify functionalities/vision beyond being the “bridge between BTC and Defi”.

Thanks for the comments it helps me think. In the end I only have a very general idea of this whole thing.

In my opinion Badger DAO is a governance token, as its name suggests. :badger:
At least I would not be interested in exchanging my Badgers for the rent, this would reduce my position even more :sweat: :sweat:
A governance token is different from other crypto assets, the usefulness that is sought is different.

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Just imagine that one Badger sett strategy is able to deploy a part of the rewards automatically in a stable that works.

These guys below from Crescofin are already working with AAVE and soon with Yearn so they can make stablecoins and crypto more down to earth for the masses.

Bridging stablecoins to the real world is a massive undertaking, since it would involve either getting retailers to accept said stablecoin or having to convert them to fiat at point of exchange. All of which would face numerous legal and legislative issues (the technicalities are actually the easier part). It would also need to be done on a country by country basis due to differing governments.

Not to say that it’s impossible but it’s definitely not a low hanging fruit or a short term possibility. We’d ideally need some very progressive crypto thinkers in power to help drive this change.

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