Bitcoin Conference NFT


I was thinking that perhaps a Bitcoin Conference NFT should be created in regards with the conference taking place June3-5 in Miami. My suggestion is to make an NFT that can be bought if you attend Miami during the conference week.

Keeping in mind that not everyone has the means or the opportunity to attend the conference perhaps Badger Users/or Ambassadors can host a live auction, tune in via zoom or discord, for the people to join virtually at a given date and time.
*Though I am opening up this thread up to creative ideas so that people can join remotely and every badger be given a fair chance to buy

The point of this post is to create user engagement and increase badger exposure in the same time frame and place the btc conference is taking place given there will be many btc industry players and potential big customers for Badger DAO present.

if anyone wants to further discuss ideas you can reach me via Discord at @MorazanCA#3616