$BASED Moonbase Partnership

Hi guies,

Nice feedback @jonto about potential $BASED partnership, I figured we should follow-up here.

Moonbase value proposition

Based Protocol’ Moonbase is DeFi Protocol designed for deep culture interaction with partner projects : they provide with memes, NFTs and full media support for partners during a full year.

Based Protocol was fair launched and keys are burned. Today the community is mainly composed of artists and techs, our values seems to be close to yours, I believe we should get closer.

Sushiswap, Snowswap, AMP, Gods Unchained… More than 6 projects have already taken the initiative and joined Moonbase, it is a great opportunity to develop $BADGER with shared values and vision.

Here are couple of links to understand what $BASED / $mbBASED is all about.

rovers/RoverDocs.md at main · Mwisah/rovers · GitHub

Here is an example of proposal for $BADGER to get in, on par with what other projects have sent.

Project Name : BADGER
Token Ticker : $BADGER
Launch date : 12/20
Team size : 4
Team Exp : 4y+
Product(s) / Tech : wBTC strategies, full DAO, $DIGG
Token Supply : 300 000 / 6M
Offering for Rover : 3600 $BADGER (1 year vesting - see Rover Doc)

One pager : https://badgerdao.medium.com/badger-dao-how-it-works-57854b31f264
Website: https://badger.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BadgerDAO
Medium: https://badgerdao.medium.com/
Discord: Badger
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @badger_dao
Github: Badger Finance · GitHub
Coingecko: Badger DAO Price in USD: BADGER Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko

Value Proposition

$BADGER is building products and infrastructure to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. It is a new, fair launched project driven by four veterans, built by d0rg.

We are looking to establish ethereum standard for wBTC farming and we aim to do it with style. With ongoing partnerships with the likes of Pickles, Meme or Keep, we are now reaching out to the $BASED community to join the effort and amplify $BADGER message in the most based ways.

How based is that ?

How does that sound ?

Supposing we find consensus and everyone is okay with it, I’ll push final proposal to Moonbase snapshot.page.


Looks pretty BASED to me dawg


It’s clear that the BadgerDAO community has an excellent understanding of memes. I think the most exciting part for me would be collaborating with everyone here on composable Badger/BTC/BTC on ETH memes for an entire year and seeing what amazing art we can create together.


I think this would be the first community approved payment out of the treasury. My opinion would be to wait until our snapshot page is up with the new vote weightings (taking into account LP and staking positions) and we can put it up as one of the first substantial votes for the community.


Not a priority action imo.


@housemobile thanks for the input :v:

@jonto Sounds like a plan :muscle:


Bits of PR

btw, its looking like there will be a DIGG only sett that would create bDIGG which is an erc20 and could be used for this purpose if the community votes it in.


Correct me if I am wrong @jonto but unless some magic bDIGGs won’t hold any kind of market value.

To function properly a Rover need its associated pool on Uniswap (and non-rebase tokens) : only $BADGER can achieve that.

bDIGGS will definitely have value, they can be claimed for DIGG. whether or not a uniswap pool pops up with liquidity is another issue. but yes we could do it with BADGER too

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Hey there,

To formalize proposal I worked on the following layout, hope that helps.


  • Launching Rover $BADGER Vault contract / Based Protocol Partnership


  • Community content incentives & social support


  • Initiate yearly partnership with Based Protocol to gain community outreach, support & exposure as part of a growing DeFi ecosystem


  • Explain what Based protocol is as a content provider for its DeFi Echosystem.
  • Receive approval of $BADGER token allocation to be vested for Based community through Rover Vault Contract (yearly)

Status: Pending Submission


Moonbase is the original DeFi protocol empowering communities to generate compound revenue. It is a place where producers, artists and entrepreneurs capitalize on sheer creative force to reach new heights.

Rovers are deployed by $BASED partner-projects as an incentive for the based community to endorse them. These rovers catalyze growth, fostering alignment and collaboration within the ecosystem.


How Rover Contracts work : https://github.com/Mwisah/rovers/blob/main/RoverDocs.md

To incentivize the based community to support $BADGER & $DIGG throughout the next phases of Badger development, proposal allocates up to $BADGER 12,420 tokens for yearly support.

The goal is to favor community growth with cultural leverage, including :

  • Meme & NFT production
  • Community outreach
  • Skill sharing & Best Practices
  • social media support


We can start low like launch Rover with $BADGER 6 969 and set target to unlock the rest, something like hitting a key social or financial metric.

Launching a Rover is just a matter of deploying a dedicated smart contract and sending funding.

Where do we go next

Vote and/or provide feedback in this discussion to help producing final PIB.

The more vote the better, if you support this initiative its a good time to show up.

Should Badger implement Based Protocol Partnership
  • Yes, launch $BADGER Rover

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I know honey badgers are well kwown for not caring which is why I’m not going to pitch anything to you. I’m just going to say I love the project and I will be using the word ‘badger’ more than I perhaps would if this project didn’t exist. ok, honey bros? nah I know you don’t care. see I almost didnt even capitalize that ‘i’ you just read. cause i really dont care (except low key bros, i do). i want yall to succeed.


i like to meme :smiley_cat:

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LOl. Only one choice ?

I’m sure Yes will win ^^ :rofl:




Most $based.


i see you’re understanding based negotiation tactics 101: we’re going to win and youre going to like it.

inevitable that $BASED wins tbh