Badgers build together

Hi Badgers

You probably already saw this tweet:

Once again BadgerDAO is fully engaged in the ecosystem as it will give 300K to help projects on Gitcoin.

Most of you probably discovered Gitcoin a few months ago with the Gitcoin airdrop. This was a wonderful start as it gave exposure to this amazing platform. Unfortunately a lot of people only gave to receive the airdrop and people even created grants just to receive donation made by stressed people only wanted to make a donation in order to receive the airdrop.

I just would like to highlight the fact that Gitcoin is an essential platform as it helps projects to rise money in order to growth. And this is even essential for some projects as it is their only source of funding. New users probably don’t realize that. But when you use a dAPP , a wallet … Some people developed it, sometimes during weeks/months/years. Those dAPP allow you to make money, or just make your life easier, and you don’t even realize it. But sometime, it’s also nice to give back to those people and/or help to develop new projects you will use in the future. Remember that the ecosystem is like that, because a lot of people are working to build and improve it every day.

They is no airdrop planned for this round ( I guess), but it would be nice if badgers can do something as a group and help the community. Here i’m not speaking about the DAO, as the DAO is already giving 300k !!! I’m speaking at the level of each Badger.

I’m proposing to make a list of grants lead by a Badger (a member of BadgersDAO) . So other Bagders can help them.

There are different ways to do it. Badgers share their grants here (or on a specific google doc). Or we can be more organized and someone from the core team create a list on Gitcoin. So then each badger will just have to click on a link.

Remember that even $1 is a big donation with the matching.

ps: And it could be nice for the future is more projects to organize aidrops !

Should we do it and are you willing to contribute ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Let’s build and have a uniqueness
Always a proud badger

Value doesn’t come out of nowhere, so I’m all about contributing to things like this. But unfortunately, until gas comes down to a more reasonable (for me) level, doing things like contributing to gitcoin projects isn’t something that I can really participate in. I love the sentiment, though.

If you are planning to contribute to several projects, it’s better to use L2. You will save a lot of gas if you are making several donations.

Only 5 votes yet. And no real feedback from the core team.

So maybe we can start sharing our grants here, and i will try to make a will or a list with all grants at some point


lol gitcoin is gucci i love them and i donate because even small donation goes long way and helps projects so i always help lol but on projects i like only love developers lol

lol there is a way to donate without lot of gas fees on zksync lol go donate

Yep zkync is amazing if you donate to several projects at the same time.

Unfortunately people don’t really care for this round. Of course there is no airdrop planned ^^ Would be good to do an unplanned airdrop :rofl:!

Of course. I always try to participate in Gitcoin grants and donate to my favorite projects. This time is no different. I don’t do it for an airdrop.

This is nice. it’s important for the ecosystem. So 100% YES. But nobody from the core team contacted me. So i guess if people want to support badgers they have to check on discord and see what people shared in the #gitcoin channel

I’m going to check this out. Thanks

nice idea, i agree :grin: