BadgerDAO: Marketing, News, and Data

This is an introduction of a project that I want to see created in the BadgerDAO ecosystem. This is not a formal proposal, it is a post to find like minded individuals to formulate a branch of the DAO that will focus on marketing, becoming a source of news, and analyzing data in the BTC on ETH enviroment.


BadgerDAO is an innovative idea. Promoting BTC on Ethereum is a powerfull concept and we have first mover advantage. Digg is on the way, we could build another elastic supply stablecoin pegged to BTC, new Setts, etc. Things will need to be created to retain our status in this sector as competition will arise and is perhaps already being worked on.

If we build like the future is already here, our chance for success will greatly improve.

In that spirit, I would like to put forward the idea of creating a sub-group. Perhaps we could call it a 'Cete". Look it up :wink: The purpose of this group would be to actively promote BTC on ETH. This can be done in a few different ways:

1. News
While its very likely that someone is already working on some sort of news bulletin for this project, I can see one that is done differently than those you see in Yearn, Aave, etc. as they tend to only focus on their respective projects. We could build a channel that not only gives updates about Badger, but, shares stories in the greater Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. Especially stories of collaboration. More on that later.

This channel, over time, could become a complete news aggregator in this space focusing on the positives of Bitcoin and Ethereum working together, with the possibility of revenue stream. EPNS is on test net currently and in the future, will likely be a widely adopted method to receive information, essentially pushed right to your wallet. People will be fighting to capture that new market when it arrives. Let’s pretend like it already exists and we will be ready to utilize it immediately.

2. Data
The initial distribution of Badger was a far reaching endeavour and identified the starting target audience. This is valuable data and should not end with the airdrop. Wallets utilizing any of the BTC products on Ethereum, and the specific actions they take, is data that could be put to good use in order to drive them towards BadgerDAO, thus, increasing TVL.

We could initially lean on the Badger distribution data and services like Dune Analytics to build our own custom dataset for target audience and 'wallet profiling’

3. Marketing
This section will be the meat and bread of the project that I’m describing, and will try to keep it short here.
Historically in crypto, marketing has been 1 of 2 methods. Social media bag shilling and exchanges buying adspace within crypto to garner volume with their terribly designed graphics.

DeFi has changed everything, not just the financial aspect that it obviously brings. It has, and will continue to bring people to this space that are highly educated, able to adopt to new tech, and financially savvy. DeFi has also allowed projects to have actual working designs with financial products to sell.
The old methods of marketing won’t be useful to this new user base and I believe that new methods need to be created. These methods could have very long term horizens or short term updates like changing UI to promote the best product specific to the wallet accessing it. For instance, if a wallet that is heavily weighted with RenBTC connects to the App, then UI would automatically put the RenBTC Sett front and centre. The days of juvenile memes, bag shilling, and derogatory mindsets is coming to an end. We need to be in front of this.

BadgerDAO is uniquely positioned to market itself to not only DeFi users, but to the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Zeroing in on the constant animosity between them will be a huge part of the campaign. Recent regulatory uncertainties will be our ally here, as it already has people in this space cautious regarding a common element. I have many, many ideas on how this can be handled but that is for a completely separate discussion.

If a campaign based on co-operation, collaboration, and general commonallities is successful, we will drive large volumes to our products. Based on the nature of it, we will also have a shot at targeting the largest untapped market in all of crypto history…Women. Again, ideas on this at another time.

What I’m looking for here is a group that would like to work on some of these ideas.

I see the initial stages as:

  1. get a general feel of the communities thoughts
  2. form a group consisting of people with different talents that are interested
  3. formulate a working plan with different phases
  4. present the phases to the community with a formal proposal and request for funding( if required at the time)

Hope this long winded post finds you well, Badgers :slight_smile:


I’d like to know more about how I can collaborate in this endevour. Please let me know what exact talents you’re looking for as I have plenty to offer. Public relations is a very human driven subject which requires empathy and sociological background. I work in healthcare (ER) and in tech/marketing/business (owner)/real estate/insurance industry so I can probably help out in some way. I also have many spheres of influence which I can bring into the defi space - specifically Badger DAO. Although very busy, I love this project and am passionate in its vision that I can carve out time to help out as much as I can.



I think we need to table this idea formally. Like all good projects, we need to have an arm that extends to the larger community and share what Badger has achieved so far to bring in more awareness. Quality marketing with performance data and the future vision will help build strong credibility. Please formalise this proposal.

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Thanks for your support. This was never intended as a formal proposal, simply a means of reaching out to the broader community for ideas and to see if interest existed to work towards something like this.

I probably posted this too early on…and it gained little traction as we had so many priority things happening in Dec.

Is there something you would be interested in working with on this idea?

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