Badger Weekly Recap (Jan 31 - Feb 13 2021)

BIP 33: Decentralizing badger Dao Voted and passed. BIP 33: Phase 1 of Decentralizing Badger DAO

Badger now live on FTX

Cream Finance approves bBadger as collateral on the platform.

Getting badger just got easier, users can now connect their bank account and get badger directly on blockfolio

Badger TVL surges past 2 Billion !

Badger partners with yearn to launch new Vaults Partnering to Build Best-in-Class BTC Vaults | by Badger DAO 🦡 | Feb, 2021 | Medium
BIP 35: Badger long term contributor compensation BIP 35: Long-Term Core-Contributors

BIP 34: Badger #wendigg meme competition final entries up for community vote BIP 34: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG

Introducing Badgers never hide weekly clubhouse AMA event. Introducing “Badgers Never Hide” — A Weekly Clubhouse AMA Event | by Badger DAO 🦡 | Feb, 2021 | Medium
Club House excerpts Badger Town hall 2/12 - Google Docs

Gitcoin airdrop this February.

3rd Audit by quantstamp half way done.

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