Badger Weekly Recap (Feb 14 - Feb 20 2021)

Badger Dao begins the process for grants council members, nomination concluded, top 10 nominees to go to snapshot voting for final four.

bDIGG & bBADGER proposed to receive single-sided liquidity & IL protection on Bancor v2.1. Proposal to Whitelist Badger Sett Tokens: bBADGER and bDIGG - BIP Discussion - Bancor Governance Forum

48 hour timelock initiated for all key vault system governance and upgradability functions. GovernanceTimelock | 0x21cf9b77f88adf8f8c98d7e33fe601dc57bc0893

Badger partner with Starkware to develop the 1st L2 AMM dedicated to tokenized Bitcoin.

BIP 37: Treasury diversification through strategic partnerships up for community approval. BIP 37: Treasury Diversification through Strategic Partnerships

Badger Dao Weekly Newsletter Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #10 - Badger Diggest

Badger integration of chainlink price oracle for Digg imminent.

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lol this updates are great keep them coming didnt notice them until today hahaha i believe recaps should be shared on discord and telegram too so people know i get newsletter also suscribed like it lol

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