Badger/WBTC Uniswap Vault

I deposited some Wrapped BTC/Badger Uniwsap LP tokens into the vault available. It shows how much I’ve deposited and what percentages I’m earning. If I click the vault it gives me an additional view of earnings, but whether from the dashboard or the drill down, when I click on the Withdraw button, it shows I have no balance to withdraw. I’m probably missing something simple because I’m so new. Am I missing something?

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same for me. the withdraw button is disabled but the vault shows my deposit?

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11/26/2021 the situation has not changed. The withdraw button is disabled, how can you solve this situation? Is it possible to directly access some smartcontract without going through the interface in order to make the withdraw? Has anyone found any alternatives? What’s going on?

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the withdraw button is disabled, but the vault shows my deposits.
please, where can i find indications about how withdrawing?

i was having the same issue. I was able to go to and unstake from the vault (go to the Uni WBTC/Badger vault, uncheck “Deposit”, select the “unstake” tab, select 100%, then unstake). Once the transaction to unstake was complete, return to the normal Badger site ( and withdraw. It took a minute for the “withdraw” option to become available after the page loaded.

Hope this also works for you all.

This is because you have your assets staked. Staked assets no longer show up in the new UI (and can’t be withdrawn since you have your bTokens in the Geyser and not in your wallet) and have to be unstaked first trough After you unstake trough there (you have to go the vault you are deposited, click on it, click “Deposit” to turn the Withdrawal UI and then go to “Unstake”) - you will be able to withdraw from the main app without issues.

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