Badger/wBTC Stake Error

Hey team, at first thought this was related to nalafoyster’s issue but I’m seeing an error in the console: “amount” is read-only when I try to stake bBadgerwbtc.

When I’m looking at the stake page it shows an available balance to stake in the sett UI card. Also when I look in the console it shows an available balance to stake. But when I try typing it into the stake UI input it does nothing and prints that read only error in the console. Staking has always worked for me before.

I’m guessing there is some kind of UI issue preventing the staking. Possibly the number I’m trying to stake is too small? This could be related to jimerson’s issue as well.

Thanks guys, keep it up Badger is killing it!

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ricky it may be a decimal issue, have you tried unstaking via ?


Thanks bitcoinpalmer, I just staked my bBadger through that site and it worked. I didn’t even need to unstake. Appreciate it!

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