Badger stuck in BSC Wallet

Last week I had 40 Badger tokens that I bought and sent to my Brave Browser Wallet, and staked them on Badger in a matter of minutes. No problem.

Later, I bought 50 more Badger on Binance and sent it to my Binance Smart Chain Wallet instead. Huge mistake.
Since that time I have been unable to move the tokens either back to Binance, to another wallet, anywhere.
I have spent an unreasonable amount in fees attempting to send the tokens, always getting an “out of gas” error, despite having 0.1 ETH available. Failure after failure… I need help.
Here is the latest attempt:

I really could use some advice.
-Also, could you put a Binance Smart Chain Wallet link on your main page? I was thinking that might help me in some way. I dunno.
Thank you for your time.

I haven’t used bsc but I don’t think you can just send ethereum tokens there. It’s a completely seperate chain. You have to go through a process to bridge your tokens over to the other chain. Here is a guide on how to send to bsc. A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Sett Vaults on BSC | by Badger DAO 🦡 | Mar, 2021 | Medium I hope you can still access your tokens. Go to discord and ask in the support channel. They are much more knowledgeable there.


Thank you. Some good soul just posted this A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Sett Vaults on BSC, which I am reading now.
I feel sick to my stomach just thinking I may have lost 50 Badger, or at best may be months or years from being able to access it.

Thanks again,

I have managed to free them.

If anyone in the future finds themselves in a similar state, send them my way, I’d be happy to help free stuck Badger.


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Maybe post a quick outline for anyone who might be running into
the same situation? Might be helpful indeed.

Sure thing.

If you have/use the Binance Smart Chain Wallet, you have likely noticed that it can be changed to operate on the Binance Chain, the Binance Smart Chain, or the Ethereum network.

I purchased some Badger on Binance, and attempted to use the BSC wallet to transmit the tokens to this site for staking.
Once the tokens got to my BSC wallet, they were stuck there, regardless of what ETH fees I was prepared to pay. It wouldn’t move.

Sending the tokens through my Metamask wallet worked just fine.

I solved the issue by exporting my BSC wallet keys to my Metamask wallet as account #2.

This worked almost instantly, with no surprises, and a nominal gas fee.

You have to move the entire wallet to solve the problem, that’s the bottom line.

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