Badger Products Brainstorm

Would be interesting to gather the community’s ideas about future products.

I’ll go first.

In my view, one of the main advantages of the focused vision of Badger is to get the best of what we see elsewhere in DeFi and build something around Bitcoin. This not only lets us leverage the work that has been previously done but also improves it in a way the suits best Bitcoin/Bitcoiners.

Obviously, finding out and addressing pain points of our users should be the end goal, but in the beginning there’s much to build leaning from successful products currently targeting a different user base.

  1. Alpha Finance’s Alpha Homora (leverage for farming)

  2. ?


Hey tec :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for taking part. Badger really needs well versed defiers to help take the reigns and lead the community.

Love what you have started here. Building on the shoulders of current projects and working in cooperation has been key to badgers success thus far imo.

On that note, I hadn’t thought about using alpha in that regards but - leveraged bitcoin farming sounds like a pretty cool product?

Would you suggest collaborating with alpha and see if we could create a joint product? Forking what they have and building a btc specific leveraged farming Sett?


at this point, I think it could be more interesting to fork to a btc specific farming sett. Of course, a collaboration would be nice, but this seems to be the lower hanging fruit.

Does it make sense?

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(Olbigatory credit to @cryptoyieldinfo for first calling this out: DIGG Launch Parameters)

I’m a huge fan of algorithmic stablecoins that use Seigniorage shares + partial collaterization instead of rebasing. A few examples are Empty Set Dollar and Frax. I’m really interested to see how the Frax model works out (as it slowly phases out collaterization ratio to 0% if the $FXS price is high enough), and Empty Set Dollar has achieved impressive stability lately.

I propose building an algorithmic bitcoin using Empty Set Dollar/Frax/etc as inspiration. I prefer this over rebasing coins, which do not seem to be as stable. Poll below to gauge sentiment. Replies with additional thoughts/feedback welcomed.

Which type of synthetic bitcoin would you prefer?
  • Algorithmic
  • Rebasing

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maybe we could ping padfoot at alpha and see if interested in a colab?

if not, fork it


You have a dao with >$100m to pay well the very best devs in the world.

What is aim? Long-term to bring billions into defi from BTC.

Short-term, maybe an interim aim could be turning DIGG into a proper bitcoin matched derivative, which could get into a wBTC/renBTC/sBTC/DIGG curve.

Lets go with AMPL launch, but then pay the world’s best devs to turn DIGG into ESD/Seignorage Shares/Frax whichever is best thought by the experts most likely to achieve that.


Would a “Mstable but for tokenized bitcoin” be interesting/ of use? a bBTC implementation that is kind of like their mUSD product?

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Frax looks interesting, thanks for sharing.

I’d like to note that there is a lot we can do to stabilize the price of DIGG as-is:

  1. There’s 200 mln locked in Setts today.
  • If we distribute DIGG emissions to Setts when the price is at the peg and don’t when it isn’t, wouldn’t the price keep the peg much better?

  • Over the longer term, we could adjust the Setts APYs based on DIGG’s performance.

  • Another curious possibility is to optimize the rewards for DIGG being in a slightly expanding state.
    Like giving the rewards when DIGG is at 105% BTC and a positive rebase happens.

  1. As rebase coins are prone to boom/bust cycles, having some of the liquidity locked looks quite promising too.

It was announced today I believe that they are making mBTC made up of wBTC, sBTC and renBTC.

Doesn’t mean there can’t be 2 meta wrapped Bitcoin products, but it’s being done.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but I’d like a 2x token.
Ie once digg is sorted and working we launch a 2x version that goes up and down by twice the movement of what its tracking.


@bberry259 Good idea. Can learn from $SYN who have already done this with 3xBTC token - how could $BADGER make something better?

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Thats exactly what I’m after!

what about boring doa

Hello, my first comment! I think the area that will only become more important are gas saving products. Basically batch up common gas intensive transactions and reduce them to a simple send receive. It would be nice to have batch setts that you deposit into and receive back a token daily or hourly or whatever the right time period is.

So the first example: Joe, Mary, and Pat want to get some with their WBTC so they send some WBTC to the Sett at 1pm, 1:21 Pm and 1:58 PM. at 2PM the sett makes the conversion and sends them back what they are owed in ETH. Getting the price exactly right is less important than mimizing gas (remember trying to lowball gas woudl leads to lots of price slippage if done individually).

Here are some starters:

  1. WBTC to ETH. People need to do this often for gas purchases.
  2. SBTC to SUSD. If you need to convert to Stokens to SUSD to do a burn
  3. RENBTC to BTC If you need to convert a small amount to RENn BTC
  4. WBTC to RenBTC If you might want to convert to real BTC with steo 3
  5. Balancer Tokens convert to ren BTC. IF you earned balancer tokenas but want BTC,

There are lots more but The idea would be to match simple BTC transaction more “Batchable.” and easirr to do at sky high BTC and ETH gas rates.