Badger Not Displayed on Dashboard

Hello. I have about $4,000 worth of Badger deposited on the platform. This amount still displays when I look at the Boost Optimizer, but I do not see Badger anywhere on the Sett Vaults page. Thanks for any help you can provide with this issue.

Hi, i have a similar issue, one of my vaults is not being displayed on the plattform, and the value of the missing vault is also missing from my overall value. It was a sushi wbtc digg sett

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same issue here, i have about 4K worth of LP dissapeared. whats happened?

My badger is also not showing in my account and because of that my boost is affected. Is someone working to get this resolved ?

unstake it from the old dapp

Hello. I have a similar issue. Posted it 12 days ago and have not got any answer. Will be great to get some possible solutions …

hello @johnnyaverage . When I tried to connect to the legacy page through WalletConnect it doesn’t work. However connecting to is working fine but my badger do not show up. Only in the boost optimizer is that the native coins show up.
Do you have any idea how to go around this issue ? Thanks.