Badger Governance Grant/Improvement Proposal (Other)

For some of the pre-existing conversation and background on SourceCred, please refer to the general discussion that was created to initiate this BIP (Badger Governance Grant/Improvement Proposal (Discussion) - #6 by Justsomeguy)


To implement a new way for the Badger DAO community to interact and be rewarded for its efforts through various media applications, some of which we already use. Specifically Discord, Discourse, and Github. Since the Badger DAO relies heavily on the community to grow and develop the project; I feel strongly that utilizing SourceCred will help enrich and drive our members to contribute toward the projects development in a more rigorous and satisfying way. Based on my own personal experience, this application can help spark new innovations, discussions, partnerships, and increases the overall social interaction within the community.

SourceCred helps discover the hidden variable every community driven project is looking for and I believe that discovering this hidden variable is at the heart of all successful projects. Once SourceCred is implemented, the community becomes keenly aware that what they are doing, saying, and even the ideas they are sharing all hold a certain value. This technology aims to expose that value and bring it to the forefront for everyone involved. As a result, members become more excited to share, contribute, and grow the community they are apart of.

Please, don’t just take my word for it, here is a testimonial from a SourceCred community member who wanted to share their own unique experience with the Badger community.
[[Discussion] What has SourceCred Meant to You? - Governance - The Maker Forum ]

The Mission/Goal:
The ultimate goal is to provide an additional stream of value for our Badger DAO community members that contribute to the application and construction of the community, be it in large or small ways. To find idle talent that may feel marginalized or dis-incentivized by the current incentive structure. There are hidden gems still out there waiting for the right incentive or signal to get them involved in the Badger DAO community. This will help find and foster that growth.

What is Source Cred:

From their own Website-“SourceCred (in the most basic sense) is a technology that makes the labor of individuals more visible and rewardable as they work together in a project or community. The goal of SourceCred is to use this technology to make rewarding labor as nuanced as human contribution often is. We hope to be one piece in the puzzle of a healthier future where systems serve community members, where financial maximization isn’t the end-all be-all goal, and where wealth actually flows to those who are creating the value in our world.”

SourceCred’s technology runs autonomously and rewards the contribution of its users based on a developed contract that the community decides what it deems valuable. Essentially, if a community is already interacting, reacting, and applauding its members through social media interactions, SourceCred provides a new way to synergize this ongoing activity and helps reward its members for their contributions.

This is done by giving members measurable credit (Cred) to actions they complete and reactions they give/receive to/from others. Think of it as a sophisticated point system that shows you how you contributed to a community and how the community reacted to your contribution(s). For a deeper dive on what cred is and how its used, please check out SourceCred’s explanation here .

Once the Cred is recorded it can then be issued into Grain, which in turn is redeemable for a currency of the communities choosing (e.g. stablecoin, Badger, Digg, or bBTC). For a deeper dive into how that works, please check out their explanation on what grain is and how its used here.

Project Scope:

With the adoption of BIP 28 , I wanted to bring forth the idea to integrate SourceCred’s technology into the Badger DAO community. I am looking for a governance grant of 1000 Badger coins to fund a reward pool and help introduce a new SourceCred instance on GitHub for a trial period of 6 months.

Once implemented, the sourcecred instance will scrape data from the following sites; Discord, Discourse/forum, and Github (I am suggesting we start with Discord). This scrapped data then provides measurable credit for contributions pertaining to the various applications the registered users are apart of. This includes emoji reactions, replies to discussions, and commits for projects/tasks/bug fixes on GitHub. This credit is all weighted based on the communities feedback or from the core team’s suggestions. The credit is then calculated against badger and used to provide a reward in kind for these contributions (e.g. 1000 cred =0.05 badger or bbadger).

To disburse the rewards, we are initially trying to utilize a tip bot to manually provide them to the users. Eventually we want this channeled back to either the Badger DAO finance Dashboard or another agreed upon site where users can see how their various actions/contributions are affecting their redeemable rewards (i.e. how much they have earned). A separate user interface is being utilized with other communities implementing this as well (e.g. 1hive, Sourcecred itself, Maker DAO, etc).


Discord-Increased members, usage, engagement, and ideas to benefit the community as a whole. Users are rewarded for helping others, birthing new ideas, or creating new content that the community deems important/useful. Members achieve this through reactions to content, ideas, memes, etc. Various weights are assigned to the reactions, while the overall interaction(s) are also graded (e.g. how many replies are on a thread, how many times the person is mentioned in a thread).

Discourse/Forum-Increased members, topics, and daily active users. To further enrich the user by diving deeper into topics/discussion started from discord or other platforms (e.g. Twitter, FB, Reddit). A place to propose new ideas and increase the depth of discussion across the community to the Teams leads, core, and developing groups. Contributors are further rewarded here by reacting to ideas, discussions, and providing solutions. Discourse is similar to what is being done on the Badger forum already.

Github-Not only will this be the formational tool to help develop the SourceCred instance but the addition of sourceCred tracking Github will also help develop future projects faster and with more engagement. By tracking SourceCred on Github, it rewards users for commits and comments that help drive projects to completion or help report/solve problems and bugs.

Initial Milestones:

  1. Approve Grant Proposal for the reward pool and team members

  2. Initiate contact with Source Cred, dive in and get the specifics to begin the process and develop working relationships. Teams will provide a roadmap/timeline for testing, troubleshooting, and implementation. We will take notes, obtain advice, and discuss solutions from both communities/core teams for possible paths the Badger DAO could take.

Working with SourceCred 1hive, and the badger DAO community, agree upon the weights for interactions using their advice and prior knowledge. Working with SourceCred, establish direction/advice on inauguration, and role assignments. (Please note: open tutorials currently provide detailed instructions on how to fork the repository and begin an instance for SourceCred with the opensource technology on Github.)

  1. Treasury must establish the size of the reward pool/wallet that is dedicated to the SourceCred instance each month. After which funding will be voted on each month over the 6 month trial period.

  2. Complete a working Proof of Concept for the SourceCred instance addressing the following topics; Role assignments, expectations, registration, checks and balances, distribution, testing, Go-Live, etc.

  3. Establish Contingency fund-Ensure contingency funds are in place to backstop any bugs or accounting errors.

  4. Successful vote on full implementation and new funding after trial period.

Initial Roles:

Project Lead(s) Primary objectives:

  • Maintain roles, drive goals, and milestone completion. Includes working on and troubleshooting testing/implementation.

  • Work with the Badger DAO community and core team on solving bugs and troubleshooting as they come.

  • Must formulate traceable and recordable metrics to display the results of the 6 month SourceCred trial (for example, see here.)

(After trial period ends and further implementation is approved, Project Lead will be voted on again).

Funding and Governance Primary Objectives:

  • Maintain a ledger for all transactions.

  • Issue funds and allocate reward(s)/payment(s).

  • Work with the Badger DAO community and core team on solving bugs and troubleshooting as they come.

(After trial period ends and further implementation is approved, Pool Manager will be voted on again).


  • Utilizing a registration bot, activate new members within the sourcecred instance.

  • compile and maintain the users addresses and various usernames for each platform (i.e. discord, discourse, github).

Initial Considerations:
After the initial contact with SourceCred they wanted to caution me that they are currently at capacity with onboarding new communities. They proposed an initial timeframe of 4th quarter 2021 to begin adding new communities. With the growing demand for the technology, I thought it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling now and put our place in line to begin implementation. With the scope of this proposal, we could use the added time to plan and make sure this is implemented properly. We should begin getting involved with their community now in case demand spikes even higher.

In order for the Badger DAO to continue its success, the community needs to continue to innovate and seek out partnerships that make sense. SourceCred has the technology that enhances the spirit of what the Badger DAO is and has always been, “…an ecosystem DAO where projects and people from across DeFi can come together to collaborate and build the products our space needs…a community-led initiative from day one.” [Introducing Badger DAO. Dedicated to building products and… | by Badger DAO :badger: | Medium]

Guidance for these measures and other helpful topics can be obtained from the SourceCred Team and their website found here .

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Well, this has been up for three days and not a single comment. I think this is enough evidence that we need this. My time is limited but I would be willing to help out making this happen.

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@Devin we are working on this. I will hit you up.

Also, there already was major discussion on this topic in another location. I’m not sure why it was reposted here again. Badger Governance Grant/Improvement Proposal (Discussion). Make sure you vote for it if you are in favor.