Badger Governance Grant/Improvement Proposal (Discussion)

I have seen what source cred can do first hand, and i’m in support of this. It drives engagement and creativity no doubt, although it can also be exploited.

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@Kryptobi thank you for joining the discussion. I agree with your points and appreciate the vote. I have seen the exploitation first hand but also the subsequent correction and countermeasures to make sure it does not happen anymore.

Thank you.

Hey, just wanted to check in and see if you’ve considered a way with moving forward on this idea.

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@Justsomeguy the next step is to turn this bad boy into a BIP and let the community vote on it. I was waiting for a bit more discussion and some guidance from @DeFiFrog. I think we can move forward on it though, what do you think? Did you end up on the council of Ricks?

I didn’t get voted in, no.

I think taking it to a BIP is good at this point. You will get more discussion from various users as they will deem it to be more official. Looking forward to it.

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