Badger DAO Weekly Recap

Hello everyone. This thread is intended to bring badgers and anyone interested in following the progress of the DAO up to speed on developments and activities taking place in the community weekly.
I understand that not everyone might be able to keep up with everything that’s been going on in the community especially considering that we are currently growing at such an amazing pace, and there are so many things happening in the Badger community.
So each week i’ll post the important things that occurred during that week. Anyone can skim through and be briefed on what developments or activities that took place during the week.

Badger Weekly Recap (Dec 20 - Dec 27 2020)

Badger Weekly Recap (Dec 28 - Jan 2 2021)

Badger Weekly Recap (Jan 3 - Jan 9 2021)

Badger Weekly Recap (Jan 10 - Jan 16 2021)


Great work for the week expanding the family