Badger Bounty Board

Hey Badgers,

I created this to help those who want to get more involved.

The Badger Bounty Board is a dynamic collection of tasks that are posted by the Badger DAO that are open for any badger to claim responsibility for, lead the execution, and report the results. This is a way for Badgers who want to take contributing to the Badger DAO seriously to earn their stripes. The Badger DAO recognizes those who get things done.

The BBB is run on Trello, which is organized by cards and columns. Click a card and see more details on these bounties. On the left, you’ll see bounties that are claimed and in progress. On the right of that, all open bounties are divided by categories- Content, Developer, and Ecosystem. You’ll be able to see on the right when a bounty is completed, and who completed it.

  1. If you want to work on a bounty, contact me at [email protected] and send me an email address so I can add you. It would be great to get some details on who you are as well. Regarding Translations - Please check in Discord first that there isn’t a translated blog already in your language before contacting me about translation.
  2. Provide a time frame of when you plan to have the bounty completed, and update me when it’s done so I can move the bounty card to the right column.

I’m always here if you have questions, or have suggestions as to what can be made a bounty.

Let’s build.