Badger and Digg Separate claim buttons

Hi guys,

was wondering if it would be better if Badger award and Digg award had 2 different claim buttons. At the moment you cant separate them and forced to claim both. With the high gas prices it would be useful to have 2 buttons? If one or the other do not have a substantial amount one might not want to claim and pay gas?

Does this make sense?


lol it is already simple in one transaction and you want more complicated in 2 transactions that may mean more gas lol


I think there is a misunderstanding

the one transaction is costing you 2 times gas price for the 2 different awards. you dont pay 1x gas fee for claiming 2 different award pools

My suggestion to separate is for the user to be able to choose to pay 1 gas for 1 awards claim at a time when it suits him


the only way to make everyone happy is to give 2 options: claim both and claim separate.

We had it that way before and everyone complained of the gas for having to make two transactions.

oh dear haha you probably right - gas is a real problem i prefer simpler and i dont claim little amounts because gas but still prefer simple because i will still claim both so only one button is better

oh really? i am newbie here so didn’t know hahaha people never satisfied lol i prefer only one