Adding a sett vault for RenBTC via Ellipsis

Hello Everyone, I would like to get everyone thoughts on adding a potential protocol to interact with badger in the Binance Smart Chain.

For those unfamiliar, Ellipsis is an authorized fork of Curve Finance. Via their medium they will be adding RenBTC to their ecosystem.

(Ellipsis Roadmap 2021 and first airdrop | by | Mar, 2021 | Medium)

I believe there is less risk apposed to other protocols of the ecosystem with Ellipsis since they have the blessing of the core team of CRV. to add another layer they will be added to the centralized exchange Hotbit.

If the dao were to add sett strategies to incentivize the ecosystem I believe this will be a great opportunity to expand Badger’s footprint in the BSC ecosystem.

Along with this Ellipsis is airdropping monthly to vCRV holders. I also propose that any airdrop the dao receives from holding vCRV it is compounded back into the sett vault within the app


Sounds like a good idea to me. You might want to try reaching out on the collaboration channel in the discord.

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Thanks for the feedback man, I’m not exactly sure how to reach out in the discord to that specific channel.

Try here. Discord

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Seems I can’t access this portion of the discord :frowning:

This is an interesting idea and of course I would support it should this become a formal BIP and it makes sense from emissions perspective. More options, more utility, more users.