Add litecoindoge coin liqudity

Doge and ltc are so popular,and ren has just launch rendoge and renltc,so sincerely hope bandger can add these coins liquidty

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Badger is about bringing btc to defi, not litecoin or doge which imo are completely worthless ghost chains.


agreed, doge started as a meme coin. only reason it’s up is because of elon tweet


lets go with quality not quantity. Thank you

What are the ways Badger is bringing BTC to DeFi? I would like to understand the direction, please point me toward the info here? Thank you for your efforts.

Look at the app See all the btc pools? Also you will soon be able to borrow against your lp positions and there is digg, a synthetic btc derivative.

I agree with not including doge coin, but adding LTC and its huge market cap would be beneficial. Badger is about bringing BTC to defi, but can be expanded to bring a coin like LTC in that doesn’t have a strong avenue / channel in (yet). Plenty of people still invest in LTC (surprisingly) and would like to do more with their holdings if given an option.

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I don’t think that adding it would be in the roadmap anytime soon (or ever?). There are no LTC vaults on ethereum whose yields can be optimized the way Badger setts work.

I can see it. Silver Badger. LTC is a lot of value not being put to work. No reason not to take advantage of that untapped resource.