About the Yearly ROI

Hi, I’m new here. I have some questions about Yearly ROI.

Currently I found the Yearly ROI of Wrapped BTC/Badger(wbtcBadgerUNI-V2), which display on sett is 196% (80% wbtcBadgerUNI-V2 + 56% Badger + 59% Digg). I know the number of Badger and Digg is the max APY ,which need to stake long time to get maxium. But how does 80% of wbtcBadgerUNI-V2 come from? I count the fee of the pair on uniswap, seems like only 20%. Do I have some misunderstanding?


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I have the same doubt with you. One reply I received is that the 80% of wbtcBadgerUNI-V2 generates because 50% of farmed BADGER return to the LP position, and via some kind of transaction behaviour, the wBTC and BADGER tokens in the pool are expected to increased by 80% annually.
I’m not sure about this, looking for reply from the team.

Thanks! Looking forward to have the reply from the team!!