About the Wanted | Badgers for Hire category

Do you want to work with the Badgers? Good, because chances are there is something that needs to get done and you can be the one with the resources and initiative to do it.

We have two categories for work among Badgers:

  • Roles: these are part or full-time responsibilities delegated to the most devoted and dependable Badgers.

  • Bounties: typically these are short term, often one-off projects that are great for Badgers who want to get their feet wet with contributing to the DAO and potentially getting more involved.

Check out the Bounty Billboard and the Job Board and get a sense of what’s available and who is tackling what. Hopefully, you’ll find something you want to take on!


Sound great, I would like to contribute a little my effort to $badger . But it would be love if have more detail :grinning:


Where could one find this Bounty Billboard? Doesn’t seem to exist on the forum


Graphic Design/3D modeling/Printing / Drafting / Jewelry Making / Metal Manufacturing/ Machining
Lets make some killer Badger NFTS I’ll model and cast some gold rings BTC y Badger.
Or make some custom killer mining rigs!


Any luck on how we can contribute and work for Badger? :slight_smile:

Anything about customer service and social media distribution I can do for some badgers :slight_smile:
I can’t also seem to find the bounty board too. Any Roles I can contribute as well as long as it is up to my skill.

Hey @Donzalion and @Proofmaster check out announcement channel in the discord for more info about the bounty board


Thank you! Will go there now.