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Digg Improvement Proposal

A DIP is a proposal to signal or effect change to BadgerDAO’s Digg product. The objective for a DIP is to engage the community so that we can come together on a decision regarding a specific topic and put it into action. It must be a complete proposal that is clear, concise, and unambiguous.

Below, we’ve outlined the initial framework for governance. This will be a living document/framework as we continue to expand and adapt as necessary.

Table of Contents

  1. Governance Process
  2. DIP Template
  3. Accepting and rejecting DIPs
  4. Next Steps

1. Governance Process

  • Forum - All major discussions must start here in the form of a DIP. For any proposal to make it to a snapshot, it must reach a quorum of at least 40 votes.
  • Snapshot - Only select people (for now, operations team) will be allowed to push approved forums proposals to snapshot. As we continue to establish the infrastructure, this is subject to change.
  • Execution - If approved via snapshot then either the multisig or through DAO vote will execute the proposal that garners supermajority support.

2. DIP Template

DIPs must follow this template:

  1. Name, scope, and objective.
  2. Categorize the DIP into one of the following: Emissions, Governance, Product, or Other.
  3. Provide a high-level overview of the DIP.
  4. Provide low-level details of the DIP.
  5. Business and technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal.

3. Accepting and rejecting DIPs

  1. Once submitted, the DIP should be open for discussion for at least 2 days (assuming it is well-formed). The DIP can be left open for longer if the content is highly contested or no consensus for path forward is reached. During the early stages of expansion, we may move with greater agility.
  2. While the DIP is open, the team and community should present arguments to justify its acceptance or rejection.
  3. After one week, the Governance Facilitator or Ops Team will determine if consensus has been reached for the content of the DIP. If there are changes necessary, they will synthesize/modify in a comment which will then be pushed forward to snapshot.
  4. If the DIP has a majority support from the community, the team will signal that it has been accepted.

When a decision is made, it will be clearly signalled on the DIP thread. Regardless of acceptance or rejection, if the reasoning is not clear from the discussion in thread, the team will provide a rationale for the decision. All community members are encouraged to challenge any decisions that they think have been made in error.

4. Next Steps

After a DIP is accepted, the DIP is to be sent to the Badger Improvement Proposal (BIP) process. Refer to BIP guidelines for process compliance. A DIP can not move to implementation without ratification through the BIP process.

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